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Proud tradition, unique products & delicious pizza! The story of DiCarlo's Pizza can be told based on these three words, which has captured the heart of the family's philosophy for nearly 100 years. Michael DiCarlo, who had immigrated from Sora, Italy with his wife Caroline and six children, owned and operated an Italian grocery store in Steubenville, Ohio. He later extended his endeavors into the bakery business, which led to the creation of DiCarlo's Famous Bread.

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Michael's oldest son Primo DiCarlo, returning home from serving in the United States army after World War II, described a dish he discovered in Italy that consisted of bread covered in sauce and cheese. The dish was called "Pizza" and was served throughout many of the Italian cafes at the time. Primo DiCarlo adopted the concept and opened the very first square pizza shop in Steubenville, OH in 1945 known as "DiCarlo's Original Pizza"! The pizza can best be described as a delicious combination of crispy hot bread, homemade tomato sauce and freshly grated provolone cheese.

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The style of pizza was so affordable yet so unique to the area that the locals coined the item "poor man’s cheesecake". Primo would later partner with his younger brother Galdo DiCarlo, as they opened the second location in Wheeling, WV in 1949. Galdo DiCarlo would later grow the brand and opened additional shops in West Virginia including: Elm Grove, Moundsville, Wellsburg and Weirton, eventually trademarking the name in 1992. Today, the DiCarlo family continues to open new locations in many new markets and want to keep the integrity of the name upheld.

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